Coster Group / Overview

Aerosol specialists since 1963

Coster Group is a leading multinational provider of spray packaging solutions and filling equipment.
The company addresses to all segments of the market with a complete range of standard aerosol valves and actuators, spray caps, spray pumps and dispensers, with a global production and distribution network.
Coster is the world’s only supplier of both aerosol packaging components and filling machinery.

Key Facts

· Family-owned company
· Founded 1963 in Italy
· 960 employees
· 15 factories in 10 countries
· + 600 customers

· Aerosol valves
· Spray caps & actuators
· Pumps
· Pharma components
· Filling machines

Corporate pillars:

Financial Independence
A long term entrepreneurial project

Innovation in processes & products
Focus on product innovation and optimization of manufacturing processes

International footprint
A global vision project with a worldwide network and regional centres of excellence

Industrial & Technical Excellence
Since 80s Coster was built on the “Industry 4.0” model

Sustainability & Social Responsibility
Sustainability and Social Responsability at the centre of the corporate strategy

The passion of our talents as the drive for our future

Coster Group